Poznań, the capital of Wielkopolska region, is the birthplace of the state of Poland. Being located at the intersection of important routes joining East and West Europe, Poznan has been the trade center of Poland for 80 years. In the general opinion, Poznań is an example of thrift and its dwellers constitute a model for diligence. Since 1551 this all has been witnessed by two Poznań Goats which fight under the clock at the tower of the Town Hall at noon every day.

There is a positive atmosphere felt for cultural activity and various forms of social life. Everyone can choose something for themselves from the rich offer of cinemas, theaters, museums, galleries and clubs, restaurants and pubs. In Poznań, there are international theater festivals such as Malta, Maski, Off Cinema or the International Young Audience Film Festival “Ale Kino”. The name “alternative theater heart” has permanently clung to the capital of Wielkopolska region. The city is also named "the music capital of Poland" in tourist guidebooks because of boys and men’s choirs that are active here, The Henryk Wieniawski International Violin Competition held here every 5 years.

Poznań is an important academic centre. There are 8 state universities and academies here. At these universities and academies, there are almost 150 thousand students. Poznań belongs to the leading centres of scientific research in Poland. Scientific research is carried out here not only by universities but also by the branches of Polish Academy of Sciences and numerous scientific research and development units. The research potential of this environment and the quality of scientific research work are recognized as one of the best in Poland and appreciated worldwide. It is shown by annual congresses and scientific conferences held in Poznań.