Poznań University of Technology

Poznan University of Technology (PUT) grew out of the State School of Mechanical Engineering which was established in 1919. Currently, it is one of the leading technical universities in Poland which has become one of the most recognized landmarks of the region and even the whole country.

Poznan University of Technology offers education at 9 faculties, which altogether provide 23 fields of study. There are almost 20 thousand students studying at the Bachelor and Master levels, PhD, and postgraduate studies. Over 1200 academic teachers, including 240 professors and almost 900 administrative personnel and technical service staff, take care of their students’ education.

It is the mission of Poznan University of Technology to educate highly qualified personnel in engineering in its broad sense, in a close relationship with scientific research, the development of technologies and innovations, in the cooperation with industry and community. The realization of such a mission allows for materialization of a vision of Poznan University of Technology as a leading national technical university, aspiring to being a partner of European universities with respect to the quality of education and the level of scientific research.